Do you know about Christianity? Or do you know about Christ?

Let me assure you, there is a difference, and it is huge. It means everything.

Unfortunately, Christianity today, and especially Christianity in America, has taken a huge turn for the worse. Christianity has gotten convoluted and has turned into the religion it was never meant to be. There are people degrading the label of Christianity – even those who call themselves “Christian”.

As a result, there are many people who turn away from following Christ, because of the representation and reputation of so-called “Christians”.

Even groups that most people (including unbelievers) fully recognize as being “extreme” or otherwise “atypical” still seem to have an effect on the overall mindset and attitude towards Christians.

Now, I’m not perfect – far, far, far from it. I don’t have all the answers, I am not a theologian, a historian, a professor of any sort… I don’t know Hebrew, and I don’t know Greek.

But, do you know what I do know?

I know about Christ. I know about Him in ways that many seem to miss.

The first thing I’ll tell you about being a Christian is that, contrary to popular belief, we aren’t out to “win souls”. Do you know why?

We can’t.

That doesn’t mean we are incapable of “sharing the Good News” – it means we are incapable of “winning” the soul.

Our job is not to convert anyone because we can’t. Our job is simply to share information.

Of course, it helps if the information you receive is correct!

I’m not saying that I have some special, secret knowledge only available to me. I didn’t receive gold tablets while I was out in the woods, and I wasn’t endowed with a prophetic message to give you while holding a heavy Bible.

I wasn’t visited by the angel Gabriel, or Michael, and (the virgin) Mary didn’t talk to me from my sandwich. This isn’t something new or unusual, it’s returning to what it ought to be.

This is about returning to Christ.

Won’t you join me?